Stand The F*ck Out [2021] by Louis Grenier

Stand The F*ck Out [2021]

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The next live course will likely run for 8 weeks and be held on February 2021
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I can't wait to help you stand out

I know what it feels like to do average things for average people. To be a watered-down version of myself. To not be trusted enough. To live in obscurity. Never again.

What's covered?

There are three main goals:

1) Teach you an actionable and evergreen method to turn any product or service into a compelling and different offer that a specific portion of your market will love
2) Identify the one thing that makes you 100% unique (call it your uniqueness, or your unique value proposition, or your positioning; it's the same thing) in the eyes of your ideal customers
3) Give you the confidence to challenge the status quo when everyone else is playing it safe because they're too scared of being mocked or judged

Proposed curriculum:

  • Module 1 - Your Mindset: why playing it safe is risky and other counter-intuitive beliefs to adopt so you can get the attention you deserve
  • Module 2 - Your Strengths: how to discover your true strengths and stop wandering in every direction
  • Module 3 - Your Market (Part I): how to take a step away from your business and get insights from the right people
  • Module 4 - Your Market (Part II): the methods to find a specific market that can’t wait for your attention
  • Module 5 - The Status Quo: how to rally people around a common goal without making enemies
  • Module 6 - The One Thing: how to engineer an offer that is both compelling and different
  • Module 7 - The Jolt: how to make folks pay attention when they’re busy, stuck in a routine, or using a competing solution
  • Module 8 - The Showing-Up: how to build a big brand as a small business, stay the distance, and attract the right customers for years to come
It also includes:

  • No-fluff video lessons: if you're familiar with the podcast Everyone Hates Marketers, you won't be lost. Expect the same raw, pull-your-car-off-to-the-side-of-the-road type of insights.
  • Peek-over-my-shoulder sessions: watch me and my screen as I demonstrate the concepts in this course with real-life, practical examples (without talking about Disney, Tesla, Hertz, Apple, or Drift once).
  • Weekly exercises, templates, and worksheets: each exercise is designed to confront your fears, seek feedback from peers, clients, and experts, and gain the clarity you need to finally stand out.
  • A private space to support each other: you simply can't go through this transformation alone because you can't always read the label when you're inside the jar. Get access to a private forum with the other students.
  • Weekly group calls: Stuck in a rut? This is what those sessions are for. Every week, we'll get together to answer your most pressing questions or get feedback on your work. We'll help you sort through the fluff, identify your next steps, and move forward. More of an introvert? Submit your questions in advance, I'll answer them on the call.